TUA is an Italian ski boutique aimed to provide you with the best available skis, ever.

In Italian, TUA means “yours”. And this is the way we intend our skis: something unique and customized on your needs. During the years we were fed up by seeing what’s happened in the mainstream ski industry: all offering the same model of skis over the years, changing graphic and colors year by year.

For this reason, we decided to build something unique: the best performance available skis in the market with the best available, performer and natural materials to preserve our beloved mountains and environment.

What makes us different from the mass production is that all our products are design and fully hand made by our “artigiani” with the attention to details that you can only find in Italy.

We are independent and we are Italian, and with your support we can invest in what really matter the most: quality, performance and Italian style.

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Italia Outdoor Capital S.r.l.
Via Seneca, 20135 Milan

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